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Complaints Procedure

Our Definition of a complaint is:

“any written or verbal expression of dissatisfaction referred to any person in our organisation by the client.”


Complaints can be identified through incoming mail, telephone calls, e-mails or faxes.

Examples of complaints could be:
• Dissatisfaction with the handling of a case
• Disappointment with lack of communication to the client
• Frustration with the perceived lack of progress of the case
• Displeasure with the outcome of the case.

However, issues of a very minor nature, for example, not returning a non-urgent telephone call until the following day will not be recorded as a complaint.

It is the policy of the firm to ensure that:
• Every complaint made by a client is reported and recorded centrally
• Every complaint received is responded to appropriately
• The cause of a problem is identified, appropriate redress is offered, and unsatisfactory procedures are corrected.

All clients are informed in writing of the action they should take if they feel they have grounds for complaint. This letter states:
• Who the client should contact in the first instance of a problem
• Who the client should contact if the problem is not resolved.

All complaints are notified to Gordon Luckhurst in the first instance, who will, either personally or through Matthew Coxall:
• Review the matter with the adviser
• Determine what degree of validity the complaint has
• Decide how the complaint should be remedied.

Any complaints where Bruce Wilkey had conduct of the matter are referred to Gordon Luckhurst.

Gordon Luckhurst has overall responsibility for handling complaints and carries out an analysis of complaints annually.

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