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Probate Legal Costs...

We offer a service where we do the work to obtain the grant of probate only or if there is no will, letters of administration as well as a full service where we do the administration of the estate as well.

Probate/Letters of Administration Only (for the Executor/Administrator to administer the estate themselves. This service can only be provided if the estate is simple and no inheritance tax is payable):

• Where only the IHT205 form (the short form) is required, our fee will be £950 plus VAT.
• Where the IHT400 (the long form) is required we will not be able to provide a grant only service.

Where full administration of the estate is required, our charge will be at the maximum rate of £220 plus VAT per hour.  Because no two estates are the same our fee will reflect the amount of time spent, but typically our fee, exclusive of disbursements (expenses), is in the range of 1%-2.5% plus VAT of the gross value of the estate.  In general terms, an outline of the work undertaken is:

• Obtaining full details and valuations of the assets
• Advising the executor(s)/administrator(s) on all aspects
• Placing the statutory advertisements
• Preparing the probate application and inheritance tax calculations where necessary and obtaining a probate or letters of administration
• Preparing and filing an income tax return, if necessary
• Realising the assets, including the sale of shares and sale of other assets and distributing the estate. Sometimes this can be done by way of interim distributions
• Finalising the administration and preparing the statement to account for the assets, expenditure and distribution of the funds.

Our fee does not include:
• Transfer or sale of a property
• If the administration becomes contentious
• Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax or Income Tax
• Court fee payable on application for probate
• Fees for statutory advertisements, bankruptcy searches and electronic ID checks etc.

Payments to third parties (disbursements) in addition to our legal fees:

These typically* include items such as:
• Probate court fees £155 plus £1.50 for each additional sealed copy
• Notices to creditors in the London Gazette & local newspaper, estimated between £150 and £200
• Valuation fees for property, chattels and stocks & shares
• Estate agent fees, if selling an estate property
• Conveyancing fees, if selling or transferring a property, including Land Registry fees
• Stockbroker/registrar fees, if selling or transferring shares and/or investments
• The cost of any insurances required
• Fees of our tax team or an accountant to finalise tax to the date of death
• Any fees & disbursements, debts and Inheritance Tax payable will be paid from the assets of the estate.
*This is not an exhaustive list.

For Probate legal assistance, please Contact Us in order to discuss how we can help you.