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Divorce is just one of the ‘tools’ you can use to resolve a marriage breakdown. But depending on your circumstances, it may not be the only potential solution for you.

Below, we explore what divorce is and how it happens, and consider some alternative ways of addressing a financial or emotional breakdown in your relationship. To find out more, and to explore the options that might best suit you, talk to one of our expert divorce solicitors.

What is a divorce and how do you get one?

A divorce is a legal dissolution of your marriage or civil partnership (i.e. it brings your marriage or partnership to an end).

In order to petition for divorce, you must demonstrate that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. To prove this, you must rely on one of five facts:

Sometimes, proving one of these facts can appear clear cut. Sometimes things aren’t so obvious. If you are considering a divorce, talk to one of our divorce lawyers. Not only will we advise you as to which of these conditions are appropriate for your circumstances. We shall also explain the law and procedure regarding divorce, listen to your concerns and advise you of any potential difficulties that may affect you.

Divorce done sensitively – with TBW divorce lawyers in Bexleyheath

Divorce and separation can be distressing. So it helps to work with a divorce solicitors who are friendly and considerate. They’re used to dealing with sensitive matters, and experienced in supporting you throughout the process. Perhaps most importantly, they know how to decrease the pain and stress of divorce, ensuring the legal aspects of your separation are concluded swiftly and efficiently in a way that’s right for you and your children.

Controlling the costs of your divorce

Alternatives to divorce – judicial separation

When you want to effectively end the marriage without actually divorcing, judicial separation can offer a solution. The grounds for separation would be the same as a divorce (unreasonable behaviour etc.) but you don’t need to prove that the marriage has broken down.

The procedure is ideal if you need court assistance over financial matters. The court can grant a legally binding financial order, but you will remain legally married.

To discuss a judicial separation, talk to one of our divorce solicitors in Bexleyheath now.

Alternatives to divorce – separation

A separation can be a step towards a divorce, or it can provide the temporary space you need to try again.

Where your separation is a step towards later divorce, a separation agreement can regulate the terms of your separation in writing, putting separate financial arrangements in place now, rather than waiting for your divorce to be formalised. Courts are not bound by the arrangements in a separation agreement, so to find out whether this is an appropriate route for you, please talk to one of our divorce solicitors in Bexley now.

For family matters, please contact us in order to discuss how we can help you.

Protect yourself from future financial claims:
In Vince v Wyatt [2015] the Supreme Court permitted a wife to pursue her financial claim for £1.9 million against her husband over 20 years after the divorce proceedings. They had little money during the marriage and at the time of the divorce. But the husband went on to become a multimillionaire, founding the wind turbine power company, Ecotricity.

If you have few or no assets now, how can you ensure you are protected from any future financial claims? Talk to your family solicitor now.


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