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It’s all too easy to put off planning for old age and beyond. Yet the plans you make now can make a dramatic difference to those you leave behind, emotionally and financially. There are lots of ways you can ensure your family is protected from the effect of your death (you can find more below) but the simplest of all is by making a will.

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Writing a will (and keeping it up to date) can make distributing your estate after your death a much simpler and quicker process. It’s important that you have a will whatever your situation, but it’s absolutely vital if you are in a partnership rather than marriage, if you have stepchildren or if you have complex financial affairs.

Thomas Boyd Whyte will solicitors have years of will writing experience, helping ensure that what happens to your estate after your death is exactly as you intended.

You can find out more about our will writing services in Bexley here.

Your probate lawyers in Bexley

When a friend or loved one dies, a difficult emotional time can be compounded by a complex, demanding and time consuming legal situation. Thomas Boyd Whyte’s probate lawyers work with you to make the process of probate or administration less stressful.

If you are appointed executor (if there is a will) or administrator (if there isn’t) after a bereavement, you may well feel that the task is a daunting one. Our probate and estate administration lawyers can help make the process much easier.

Our specialist probate solicitors have a wealth of experience in providing tailored support, while Rima Patel, Head of the Probate Department, is a student member of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), a mark of her particular expertise as a probate solicitor.

You’ll receive as much or as little legal support as you feel you need, at our offices, and in certain circumstances in your own home or care home.

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Will lawyers, probate solicitors and more

There’s far more to planning what happens to your estate than wills and probate. What happens if you or a loved one lose the mental capacity to act for yourself/themselves? How can you lessen the burden of Inheritance Tax? And what happens if you and others own property in different shares?

If any of these issues affect you, then in addition to talking to our probate solicitors and wills layers, talk to us about:

- Lasting Powers of Attorney and Registration of Enduring - Powers of Attorney
- Declarations of Trust
- Deputyship
- Tax planning
- Trusts

For help with probate or preparing a will in Bexley, call us now on +44 0 208 303 7755 or use our website form to contact us.

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“It can be a lengthy and difficult process and we are there to offer advice tailored to your specific needs... Our team can guide you throughout the process by providing detailed legal advice every step of the way.”