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Cohabitation Agreements

The law for cohabitants is very different to married couples. Unmarried couples cannot claim maintenance in their own right or against their former partner's pension. Therefore legal advice for an unmarried couple, prior to cohabitation is fundamental.

We can draft a Cohabitation Agreement on your behalf, that sets out your intention of how your affairs should be arranged for now and in the future. It also confirms how you wish your finances should be managed upon your death or your separation. Each party should obtain independent legal advice.

Although the Cohabitation Agreement is not legally binding, it can adduce within Court Proceedings as evidence to prove the intention of both parties at the commencement of the relationship, regarding their financial affairs. The agreement could also be used within pre proceedings correspondence to influence negotiations, in a bid to reach an out of court settlement, and save the costs of litigation.

We shall advise you whether such an agreement would be appropriate for your circumstances and can draft the Agreement on your behalf.

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