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Inheritance Tax Advice

If your estate is valued at over £325,000.00 when you die (or £650,000.00 if there is a full transferable nil band rate available), which can include certain gifts that have been made in the previous seven years; your estate will be liable to pay. This is at a rate of 40% on everything over £325,000.00 (or £650,000.00). We can advise you on the availability of the transferable nil rate band.

This can cause problems for family members when the time comes to dealing with your estate especially as it may be difficult for them to find the money to pay the tax, in particular if you have money tied up in fixed assets but are cash poor as Inheritance Tax must be paid prior to obtaining a grant in order to be able to sell those assets.

There are a number of steps that you can take that can help you to reduce the Inheritance Tax that you would otherwise have to pay.

Capital Gains and Income Tax Advice

We can provide advice in relation to Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax and can prepare tax returns on your behalf.

We can help and advise you in personal matters. Please telephone our Probate team to make an appointment to speak with a specialist.

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